Here are some of the projects I work on in my spare time.

Aimless Wonderers

Hiking blog that I co-founded with Shelby Blair to chronicle our adventures throughout the Pacific Northwest.


I decided I wanted to learn how to write applications for Android, so I came up with a project that was simple enough to complete on my own in a fairly short amount of time, yet a broad enough topic to demonstrate learning a wide variety of things about the Android SDK. This application is a port of the Passbookapplication for iOS. It has support for the 5 differnt types of passbooks that can be generated (Boarding Pass, Coupon, Event Ticket, Generic, and Store Cards). [Read More]

Shelby Blair Portfolio

Worked with Shelby Blair to bring her responsive portfolio designs to life over the course of a weekend. Created a custom wordpress theme that allowed for quick and easy updating of content. This project is hosted on an Amazon EC2 instance.